b. 1986, HK.

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JIFE Music was born out of a desire by some individuals who wanted to see opportunities created for Caribbean-based gospel music artists. In November 2014, Andre Huie, Jermaine Willock, Roy Nisbett and Lester Henry came together to form JIFE Music’s parent company Palm Branch Media, which was designed, among other things to harness, produce and promote the talents of Caribbean gospel artists, starting in the company’s home country St. Kitts and Nevis. The movement was spurned on with the support of Nisbett himself, as one of the co-owners of JIFE and a producer and artist in his own right (Nyquan). He was quickly followed by Dominic Brookes, a young talented teenager from St. Kitts who had just finished second place in the nationally televised talent show Kittitian Superstar. Incidentally, the name JIFE Music was an idea spurred on by Brookes in a conversation with label co-founder and executive Andre Huie. The label’s only band Tehillah was also one of the early signees to the label. Together, these four owners brought their various experiences and skills to the label to advance its reach across the Caribbean and the world.

About the owners

Roy Nyquan Nisbett: A versatile and talented artist and producer, Nyquan made his home studio available for use for recording and producing music for JIFE Music artists. He and Dominic Brookes teamed up to record the label’s first single “So Amazing” in 2014, which sparked a musical revolution in St. Kitts and Nevis that year. He also worked extensively on label mate’s Di Anointed Vale’s debut album Blood A Jesus, which was released in December 2016. Learn more about Nyquan here. 

Andre Huie: Considered the engine of the label, Andre is the CEO of JIFE Music’s parent company Palm Branch Media. With his background in journalism and communications, Andre has taken JIFE Music from obscurity to an award winning label with some of the finest artists from the Caribbean. He is currently the artist manager of Di Anointed Vale and D Furnace and has coordinated efforts on behalf of all artists on the label. He is the producer and host of the label’s syndicated weekly radio show The JIFE Music Show and is an ordained minister.

Jermaine Willock: is a musician and one of the early pioneers of JIFE Music. He is the band leader and founder of Tehillah and also serves and Band Manager. His vast music experience helps him to build relationships with artists across the Caribbean and internationally and serves as a good contact and liaison between the label with these other established artists. Learn about Tehillah here. 

Lester Henry: With experience in studio engineering, Lester serves as a useful ear to JIFE Music artists, providing guidance and suggestions whenever it comes to music. As an ordained Minister of the Gospel, he also provides from time to time spiritual guidance to label execs and artists alike.

After its launch in 2014, JIFE Music really took off with the signing of Di Anointed Vale from Jamaica in February 2017. Since then he and the label have won a total of seven awards at the Antigua and Barbuda Gospel Music Awards in 2017 and 2018. In July 2018 the label then added to its roster D Furnace from Trinidad and Tobago and are slated to release his debut album in a few months. The label continues to thrive on creating opportunities for our artists while at the same time scoping out new talent. We firmly believe that the talent in the Caribbean is rich, but lacks the direction to take their music forward. At JIFE Music we hope to accomplish that, but most importantly we want to create and promote music that exalts the name of the Most God—Jesus Christ. There may be various genres, but one underlying message: Jesus Christ and He be glorified. JIFE Music: Jesus Is For Everyone