Jesus is For Everybody (JIFE). The meaning of the acronym of JIFE is the mission statement that drives JIFE Music. A record label designed to showcase the best in Caribbean gospel music, JIFE Music was birthed out of a desire to proclaim the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the form of Caribbean contemporary catering to the needs of the urban music fan. JIFE Music began with a shared vision by four entrepreneurs in St. Kitts and Nevis: Andre Huie, Roy Nisbett, Lester Henry and Jermaine Willock, each with some experience in performing, producing and presenting gospel music.

JIFE Music is a subsidiary of Palm Branch Media, a media production company located at Pine Garden, St. Kitts and Nevis. 

To date, JIFE Music has three artists: Tehillah—a vivacious gospel band steeped in the flavors of authentic Caribbean gospel music; Nyquan—a multi-talented artist and producer specializing in various sub genres of gospel music and Dominic Brookes, a progressive young vocalist.

It is JIFE’s mission and goal to be cutting edge and creative in the producing, packaging and distribution of gospel music while managing its artists to achieve excellence to the glory of God. As our name suggests: Jesus is for Everybody—JIFE Music is for everybody.


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